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Wright got the idea for his house from watching Grand Styles."I believed, that's quite cool," he states, "and after that about four years ago I had a bad leg injury in a crane accident, which made me believe 'You're just here once,' so I chose to try and construct one myself.

Wright hired a private surveyor because he was concerned Geelong council might see his plans with suspicion. He brought an engineer on board and contracted numerous tradespeople. He took a welding course and his dad looked after the timber work. Inside, like a normal home, it has lumber walls to hold plaster.

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Photograph: Mick Wright/Supplied"Wherever you cut a window out you have to construct a steel frame for it, due to the fact that as soon as you cut the walls they break down like paper bags," he says. Similarly, despite the fact that shipping containers are developed to be stacked, as soon as you cut holes for doors and windows you require additional struts if you want a 2nd flooring.

A great deal of people clad the outdoors, however if you're going to do that you must have just built a home."His containers were brand-new and cost $6,000 each, however he reckons they've increased significantly ever since. The roof is a 150ml sandwich panel, which cost him $40,000."Without counting container homes at a touch over $300,000 on this house," he states.

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I'm sure it's still less expensive than a new build, but not significantly. Two or three containers on a bush block would be more economical and you might do so much with them. Once you start entering 9 shipping containers it starts to get pretty expensive."'Individuals stated you seethe'Over in Castlemaine, Victoria, Louise Moysey is adamant that in her case a brand-new build would have been far cheaper.

However it wasn't about money," she states. Louise Moysey inside her shipping container house. Photo: Jenny Valentish/Supplied, Moysey studied style at RMIT and started a building service with her hubby Ross, Moysey and Daughters. Her s

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