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This discount was altered from complimentary travel to half-price travel on 5 September 2016. When an Opal consumer completes eight trips on the very same mode of transportation (even within the 1-hour transfer), a brand-new journey commences. The number of journeys required to require the development of a brand-new journey was increased from 4 journeys to 8 journeys in March 2016 to lower the variety of brief journeys made just to finish a journey and reach the journey limit.

Since January 2016, there are over 2,000 Opal card retailers that provide leading up services throughout New South Wales. There are also leading up devices at train stations, light rail stops, and ferry wharves. Opal cards might likewise be connected to a credit or debit card, enabling users to top up their balance online or by phone.

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As of late 2019, the minimum amount you can contribute to an adult Opal card at a leading up device is $20. 00 and $10. 00 for child/youth. However, if Full Article top up on the Opal Travel app or on the Opal site the minimum is lowered to $10. 00 for adult Opal cards and $5.

The maximum amount that an Opal card can hold is $250. 00 for adult Opal cards and $150. 00 for child/youth Opal cards. IPART fare review 2015 [edit] In response to a reorganisation of bus routes in the Sydney main enterprise zone that caused increased modal interchange, in July 2015 the Independent Rates and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) was requested to investigate the possible introduction of integrated fares in Sydney, with a proposed application date of 1 July 2016.

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